Project 12 Jam

More noodling with the Matriarch and some background stuff, utilizing the “Heavy Sync” patch posted before. Let’s see if this leads somewhere …

Matriarch Patches continued

More Matriarch patches with some background stuff.

Matriarch Stereo Pad

New Matriarch patch with some backing by the Grandmother (bass) and Hydrasynth (background pad). Direct recording from XR18 mixer into iPhone / AudioShare.

Matriarch Swirling Stereo

Quick take with Moog Matriarch (and ASM Hydrasynth pad in the background). Recorded into iPhone / AudioShare.

Descent Part 3 – Final Mix

New mix (more reverb) of Descent Part 3.

Descent Album (updated)

Here comes the complete Descent playlist (so far) …

Descent Part 3

Descent Part 3

First version of the track.

Gear used:

  • Arturia Keystep Pro (sequencing and arps)
  • Kawai ES6
  • Arturia Drumbrute Impact
  • Moog Grandmother + Zoom MS70-CDR for FX
  • 2x Moog Mother-32 + Zoom MS70-CDR for FX
  • Moog Matriarch + TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 for FX
  • ASM Hydrasynth
  • Behringer XR18 mixer
  • Multi-track recording into Ableton Live, using Raum as the master reverb and Ozone Elements